Nov 11, 2019

November 11, 2019 Reunion Trip

Done with office hours. Met Dheeraj at our daily spot. As always we had lightened our usual cigarettes.

Breezy climate

Got a call from our beloved friend Mr. Lijin, who always disappears from our friend circle due to his IAS preparation. There was no information concerning him to anyone of us for the past 7 months. I came to know that he is at a nearby town and wants to meet us. I discussed the same with dheeraj and planned to meet Lijin at our favorite spot near our office. In 15 minutes, Lijin came to our spot. We really shocked with the changes happened to Lijin in 7 months, looks bubby 😁😁

During our discussion, Lijin got an idea and he shared the same with us concerning our B.Tech batch reunion. It’s more than 4 years now, most of them were working out of the city. It’s hard to share the information to everyone in our B.Tech batch. However, Some of them were in our main whatsapp group.

We discussed the same with our Chali Bro, the one in our gang who used to manage all the trips. We thought, he got everyone’s contact. But we couldn’t figure out everyone. We really doubted, whether all of them will be avail or not. Lijin shared the information through our WhatsApp group to make sure about the availability of our gang.

We made a 30 minutes conference call who already read our message and informed the same in detail. Most of them were ok with us and the task was to find a place for the reunion. A list of places were suggested. Kulumanali, Kanyakumari, Mysore, Ooty, etc, etc etc… Really confused, each one has a different plan and I had got an idea and suggested Goa. Others supported it. We finalized to organize the reunion at the last week of October.

Most of them felt sad that our beloved friends isn’t much active in the group. So, that we somehow tried to collect the contact details by enquiry with the college.

2 days later...

I got a call from Raman, the dancer, and the playboy of our gang. He said that he has a meeting and won't be available for the Reunion. After an hour, Got a message in our WhatsApp group which was from Athul saying that “he will not be able to take part in the reunion” due to some issue. We felt disappointed, from sixteen, the team has gone down and we really started thinking, it will happen or not.

Since a week, no sign from the list of our gang got any schedule to other commitments. Finally, as per the plan we scheduled our Reunion date. Well, most of us work in different cities, it will be very challenging to start the journey together, so the main coordinator of the trip requested all of us to reach Goa on 28th Oct Saturday morning at Hotel Krish Holidays IN near Bagha beach to make everything fine.

Dheeraj and I tried to book a train ticket to Madgoan, unfortunately we couldn’t find one. So we planned to book Fight ticket. The flight was departing from Calicut at 6:30 in the morning and arrives Goa around 9 am. We reached safely at the Goa Airport and from there we hired a taxi to Baga. Around It took 1 hour to reach the hotel. Everyone looks so angry on us - because we were so late!!!
We already made necessary arrangements for everything in the hotel we reserved.

Done with Breakfast.

Jovial Mood. We all set to go to Famous Chapora Fort. Arranged a tempo for all from our hotel itself. In 5 minutes, a tempo traveller arrived. The driver dropped us almost 500m away from the fort. Was a sunny day, and the fort looks like a hill station and we all got tired once reached the Top of the fort. Anjuna Sea was a wonderful experience, breezy cold air in hot sunny climate. All of us were busy taking pictures selfies etc.

We can see lots of tourists coming from different parts of the country. We happened to see two beautiful ladies taking photos near to beach scenery found with best place in Anjuna for photographs. Me and GTA went near them and requested them to take our group photo and they happily accepted our request. We just interacted with them for a while and came to know that they are from Pune and also they were Lesbians.

Goa Group Photo

We moved towards Anjuna beach, which is one of the most famous beaches in North Goa. The beach is the part of a 30 kilometers extended beach coastline on the west coast of Goa by the Arabian sea. We planned to drink some beer from a hotel near to it. We ordered a Chilled Budweiser. The waiter is a Manchester United fan, he wore a United Home jersey. I just asked him about the current situation of his team, but he just smiled and walked away.

Then we went to the beachside, were we could able to see lots of tourists taking photos, couples kissing and enjoying their honeymoon. We met an Irish lady, her name is Orla and she traveled alone to India for research. Unknowing Orla, I snapped a candid pic and shown to her. She was really excited about that and asked me to mail to her email id.


After having the Lunch, we left Anjuna and moved to Baga beach. It is one of the most famous beaches in India, where most of the couples love to spend their holidays. We reached there by evening and we all set to go for para ceiling. We met a person named Susheel, who is a local in Goa. He took us to the sea in a boat and went almost 1 km inside the sea. He demanded us to make two groups. I got GTA and we just set to enjoy the Para ceiling. The view from the top of the sky to the sea was just amazing. We just enjoyed the Baga Beachside from the top of the Sky. I could see a smile of relief, satisfaction, excitement and anticipation in Amal. This was a new experience for us.

Para Ceiling  with GTA

Then we moved towards our room with our favorite brand Old Monk Rum to had it with Cocacola. Old monk is a brand that gives a special kick after drinking 2 pegs. After having that. It turned almost night, and we all set to go out for Night pub party except Athul Chikku and Harisree. Chali bro was the man who was behind this party because he got a green signal before his marriage. So we just planned to enjoy with him like a bachelor party.

Reached pub. We saw 8 bouncers with strong body. As already the Party started and after sometimes, some girls entered into the party with some sexy dress (maybe to attract us) and they also started to dance with us. After seeing these girls we were bit nervous except Jibin( King of Romance in our Gang), he started to mingle with those girls, but later we came to know that they will dance only with those who pay money for them. Those girls were the staff from that pub itself. Me and Dheerej searched for some liquor and we just chilled and enjoyed the pub with the drink.

After 1 hour I and Hani went out to the Pub. At that time, I got a call from Adwith saying that Ashwin got slaps from bouncer for misbehaving with girls. We all expected this from Ashwin because he is always a problem maker in our gang. Without a problem, there is no Ashwin. The bouncers ordered to give 4k Inr to release him. We just settled that and went back to the room.

2nd Day

1st day was heavy sunny and we planned to go for rides so early from the next coming days. We all woke up early and set to go for Scuba Diving. We reached near the boat station in a Tempo Traveller. From there, we traveled to the island situated in the middle of the sea. It was a long journey, we traveled more than 2 hours through the sea. It was really an amazing moment with dolphins diving in the sea here and there while our journey. Finally, we reached near to that island and water looks light blue and the trainer in the boat order to set for Scuba diving.

Our trainer said he was one of the experienced trainers on that route and he had many stories to tell. True or not I do not know but stories were interesting. We were all set with full kit. By following his instructions, we dived into the sea. The amount of my excitement perfectly matched the beauty underneath the sea. I was totally amused by witnessing the marine life in its original form. Though we got a little panicked initially and the instructor made sure that we do not miss the beauty down there. Hats off to their patience and co-ordination that I didn't miss anything in spite of being so panic. The only thing I was not satisfied is the taste of seafood.

We reached our hotel room by evening and all were a bit tired. We then went back to Baga beach by evening to have some beer. The beach is totally different compared to the day. The restaurants and bars near the sea were fully decorated with light and they played western kinds of music to attract the foreigners. We all then planned to have dinner from one of the Top-level restaurants near Baga beach.
We had a wonderful dinner and then we went back to our room to watch the famous El Classico and Barcelona match. My favorite team Barcelons won the match 5-1 and Luis Suarez scored a hattrick. After the match, We reached the room by 11 pm and made a deep sleep.

Booked a return train to Kerala for all us and our train has departed from Madgaon railway station. The train was at 11 AM in the morning. We reached the station by 10 am. While entering into the station, we met with a security checkup by Goan Police. They checked our bags one by one and questioned us, whether we bought liquors from goa. At last, they checked Mithun Cyriac and they got a small bottle of Goan feni from his back and they took him to their Cabin and fined him Rs. 1500 for carrying that. Our train was already at the platform, so the police officials immediately released us after getting done with the procedures.